September 25, 2012

Closer to MOP on ABCL and ECL

Just to report on work in progress: I am currently working in my spare time on making sure that Closer to MOP works (again) with ABCL and ECL. ABCL is in relatively good shape, but still needs a couple of bugs fixed here and there. Rudi Schlatte is doing a fantastic job at responding to bug reports. I'm pretty sure the next release will have excellent Closer to MOP support. ECL's recent version came with several changes in its CLOS MOP implementation which broke a lot of things in Closer to MOP, so the current version of Closer to MOP doesn't work with ECL. I'm doing what I can to make sure Closer to MOP is back to speed again with ECL. However, I can only do this in my spare time, and will be busy moving in the next couple of weeks, so some delays are to be expected...


Blogger Juanjo said...

Pascal, as you write it, it would seem that ECL's changes make it harder to support the MOP, which is kind of contradictory to the spirit of the changes, which was to implement the missing MOP features in ECL.

Blogger Pascal Costanza said...

Sorry if I created the wrong impression. The contrary is the case: The recent changes in ECL improve its MOP support considerably, and Closer to MOP will need a lot less code as a result. But currently there are still some small issues that need to resolved. I hope this clarifies this a little bit...


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