June 28, 2007

Lisp meeting in The Hague this Sunday

I am forwarding this announcement from Tayssir John Gabbour:

We're hosting a Lisp meeting in The Hague this Sunday. At least ten
people should be here, with a broad range of experiences and

For those interested in Lisp businesses, this meeting will be at the
offices of a growing Lisp-using company which already has multiple
commercial projects. You'll be able to see up-close what sorts of
issues arise. I personally hope that these meetings won't just be
episodic affairs, but offer a practical service to interested Lisp

To counterbalance boring business issues, Pascal Costanza is offering
an entertainingly philosophical talk about the history of reflection
and metaprogramming in the Lisp family. (If you were ever curious what
3-Lisp and its "infinite reflective tower" is all about, you'll no
doubt find this interesting.)

This is an informal meeting, so no registration is needed: feel free
to come as you wish, and I hope you enjoy it. If you need directions
or a hotel room, there's more info at: http://wiki.alu.org/BeNeLux.


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