July 26, 2007

ECOOP'07 Lisp Dinner

As a social event attached to the 4th European Lisp Workshop, we are planning to have a dinner on Monday, the 30th of July in Berlin, starting at 19:30 hours. We have not yet decided what the location will be, and this depends on how many people will participate. The dinner will be open to anyone.

If you want to attend, please send a short email notice to Hans Hübner. Also let him know if you have special dinner needs or wishes.


Simon Adameit said...

Hi Pascal, great plan! I assume the 30. August was just a typo, and you really meant 30. July. Otherwise that would be pretty long after the workshop. Wish you a good time,

Pascal Costanza said...

Hi Simon - yes, you're right, of course we mean July 30. Thanks a lot for the catch.