March 25, 2006

Edit-time MOP

Last week I have attended the AOSD'06 conference in my old hometown in Bonn - it was nice to be back there for a week, meet some friends, go to some favorite places of mine, especially Cafe Göttlich, and at the same time do some work. I have found one of the presentations I have seen especially intriguing, about a first implementation of an edit-time metaobject protocol. Unfortunately, it is implemented in the wrong language. ;) I think this could be a worthwhile project to implement in Lisp or Scheme.

March 18, 2006

3rd European Lisp Workshop registration fees

Apart from the previous news that the 3rd European Lisp Workshop will have a best-paper award and a keynote presentation by Nick Levine, we now also have information about the registration fees. If you want to attend only the European Lisp Workshop (two days), this will cost 150 Euro for students and 250 Euro for regular participants. If you want to attend the whole conference, including the workshop, this will cost 300 Euro for students and 500 Euro for regular participants. During the workshop days, coffee breaks and lunches are included in those fees, as are receptions on both evenings that typically include food and drinks. Note that these fees are early registration fees valid only before May 23, 2006. See the conference's page about registration fees for more information.

March 14, 2006

News for the 3rd European Lisp Workshop

There two news items concerning the 3rd European Lisp Workshop:
  • Nick Levine will be giving a keynote presentation at the European Lisp Workshop. He has been a professional Lisp consultant for over two decades and is the organizer of the upcoming International Lisp Conference 2007 in Cambridge, UK. We are grateful to Ravenbrook Limited for sponsoring the keynote presentation.
  • The Association of Lisp Users has kindly sponsored a $500 prize fund for exceptional papers submitted to this year's European Lisp Workshop. Both the ALU and the workshop organizers are looking forward to your submissions.

March 07, 2006

Dynamic Languages Day Material

The presentations, some demo code and quicktime movies of the Dynamic Languages Day @ Vrije Universiteit Brussel are now available for download at the DLD website. Since the quicktime movies are quite large, we welcome any volunteers who want to mirror them. Please send me links that I can mention on the DLD website.