May 21, 2006

Music recommendations May 2006

I am listening a lot to the following recent releases a lot, which I hereby recommend.

Call for Participation: 3rd European Lisp Workshop

The 3rd European Lisp Workshop will be held on July 3 in Nantes, France, as part of this year's European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP 2006). We have accepted five papers for presentation, about an agent-based framework to simulate metabolic processes, simulation of quantum computations, Lisp tools for musicology, naturalising foreign libraries, and beating C in scientific computing applications, as well as a breakout group on Lisp Hardware revisited.

Nick Levine will be giving a keynote presentation on How to stay poor, with macros and closures. He has been a professional Lisp consultant for over two decades and is the organizer of the upcoming International Lisp Conference 2007 in Cambridge, UK. We are grateful to Ravenbrook Limited for sponsoring the keynote presentation.

The workshop will also contain tutorials about CLIM and/or reflection and metaprogramming in Lisp.

There is still enough for additional participants, so please contact me if you wish to participate. Note that the early registration deadline is May 23, 2006.

See the workshop website for more detailed information.