September 03, 2007

ContextL Survey September 2007

Context-dependent behavior is becoming increasingly important for a wide range of application domains. Unfortunately, mainstream programming languages do not provide mechanisms that enable software entities to adapt their behavior dynamically to the current execution context. In collaboration with various researchers, we have developed a new programming technique called "Context-oriented Programming" (COP).

ContextL is our first fully implemented and currently most mature programming language extension for COP and is built on top of the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS). ContextL has first been made available to the public in early 2005, and has already been adopted by a number of programmers. We would now like to assess how well ContextL has been received so far.

Please consider participating in our first survey about ContextL - this will help us a lot to develop ContextL and related projects further (like Closer to MOP, etc.).

You can find the survey and more information about it at