September 20, 2006

CDR 0 & 1 finalized.

The Common Lisp Document Repository (CDR) has finalized its first documents today. CDR 0 describes CDR and the CDR process itself, while CDR 1 is the CLOS MOP specification, as published as an appendix in The Art of the Metaobject Protocol by Kiczales, des Rivières and Bobrow.

These CDRs were mostly test runs of the CDR process, although they are of course also useful in their own right. (The CLOS MOP had already been published over 15 years ago and has long been proven useful, so didn't really need an official "stamp.")

See the CDR website for more information.

Furthermore, we have set up a CDR Blog where we will post CDR-related announcements - actually the same ones as in the cdr-announce mailing list.

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